Steve's 2013 3.5 campaign

Pillsney's Inter-planar Guild of Adventurers
Farlanghan Help You

The adventurers stepped through the portal, with new companion Maryn, and found themselves in another astral plane hub city. The floors were glossy. There was a beautiful staircase and a large area with many other adventurers of all kinds buzzing about. The satyr mentioned that his name was “Roberto” but only because nothing else translates in common very well. Each adventurer signed a contract for a preliminary quest and received an Initiate Identification Crystal for entrance into and out of the portal. Each crystal has exactly one round trip. Crystals of other color have different status. Tristessa inquired about a pink crystal and was informed that those are level 8. The group noticed that Jana’s carried purple Master crystals, and the previous adventurers had clear Neophyte crystals with their histories embedded.

When they decided to go on the first inter-planar adventure, they placed a black crystal in the portal spot and found themselves on a set of stone stairs leading down. There was also an altar and a skeleton of no particular use. Suddenly, they encountered two giant stag beetles. During this fight, Galinol proclaimed, “Most bitch wizards use staves,” whatever that may indicate. The beetles were tough and nearly killed Maryn, but the adventurers persevered.

In the room they stumbled in, there were thrones and a large rug. S’Hast decided to shoot an arrow at the rug and noticed that the arrow went right through it, though it left a tear. Galinol used his glitterdust and found a cloudy entity near the rug that did not take damage well. Under the rug was a scute that no one wanted to discover where it led.

Down a ramp from the room with the ominous rug, there were three more rooms with three spires to explore. Each had a spire in it, and one held a maiden named Elizabeth, who was naked and gasping like a disturbed sexual creature while unconscious. When the girl came to, she told the group that pirates had taken her captive three months ago and she was stuck in this place. The adventurer’s clothed her and had her follow them as they progressed.

In another room was a Yuan-ti with large arms and a scimitar that Elizabeth did not seem to want to stay with. The Yuan-ti named Arnold was with a goblin that eventually was named Gary after several back-and-forths. They had been stuck in a room for 25 days. There is a theme with getting stuck places, it seems. These two joined the growing party in their backtrack to the third spire in the room with a platform, where there were rope bridges attached to hubs with rooms. The Yuan-ti explained that there is an item in the main hub that may or may not turn into a boat and help them get out.

Galinol came across a toybox in one of the rooms in a quad-like formation. In the box was a black pearl, a feather, an irregular pearl, zircon, and a potion of clear liquid and maybe some other stuff. They took the things in the toybox with the possibly false bottom and extra trinkets and moved on. In the next room was a dragon of copper color that let the now large group pass under the conditions that they do not touch its treasure, of which only a small ring was noteworthy in terms of value. The favored soul liked the dragon because it was shiny when everyone else wanted to kill it. It was the first thing she seemed to not want to kill as much and her party gave her dirt for it.

They moved past the dragon on the dirt ground onto wooden stairs. Arnold opened a wooden door that revealed an underground beach. There, the feather from the toybox turned into a boat when it touched the water. The boat took the form of a white swan with feathers like the sole one that touched that water. There was a cliff face behind the adventurers and a valley with what seemed to be a roof. In the roof there were holes, much like in one of the rooms where it looked like the ceiling had fallen and beyond it was an outdoor void. There was also a mountain with a path and a wall divider, so Pibbs and S’Hast climbed the wall and used the rope that they cut from the bridges to aid the not so climbing savvy others. Once they climbed the wall, they discovered a dish with a gold piece and an altar with a shrine on it that gave off a crazy magical aura. They took the idol on the altar and made it back to the beach safe. The group killed the dragon under the conditions that all the gold go to Tristessa. Pibbs took a whole lot of copper that amounts to half the amount of gold Tristessa was awarded. There were also unusual slippers that may involve speeding up a process, or slowing it down seeing as they are slippers. The ring from the dragon’s treasure pile was also acquired and featured a ram.

The last part of the encounter as we know it involves Tristessa turning the helpless girl into Elizabitch ashsack and Arnold and Gary riding off into the sunset.

More next time!

Handing in Bounty and Moving On Up

After resting at the mansion and whatnot, the adventurers helped Lord Steve with a troublesome Hill Giant at the Lumber Mill. Pibbs unfortunately could not make this trip with S’Hast, Galinol, and Tristessa because she was busy paying homage to her golden puke bucket. Luckily Pibbs’ acquaintance was not terribly necessary because Galinol made friends with Giant instead of killing him, though the tiny favored soul wanted to kill the giant(and even the hill he sat on if the party let her.)

The following week, the group stayed in town spreading word about the mansion for sale. It was hard to find a buyer until Lord Steve realized what a boon the land and establishment would be for him and his men. Galinol also made an eagle effigy worth mentioning. Even though he may be too big to fit through portals. Spoilers.

Finally, there was a Giant Siege at “I: Gate to Home.” It turns out this goblin fortress with chief hut, bonfires, and fortified buildings leads to a dungeon, which then leads to a portal underneath its grounds. The adventurers rushed into the goblin area, stopped at a bonfire, got funny looks from some human adventurers in a nearby building, and rushes the chief hut when Lord Steve started throwing fire from the sky and sending his men in. It was rough, but the adventurers made it far enough to discover the displacer beast, hipogriff and other creatures in the dungeon of the hut. There, the group met another adventure, a satyr, and set him free when he agreed to tell them how to get through the portal to the Adventurer’s Guild. Though one Jana tried to beat them to the portal, the group blasted her to pieces and headed through the “Gate to Home.” Risky stuff.

The story so far

Ingame date aug 28th 0 ST
The campaign started in a goblin infested frontier land. A group of four adventurers got drafted to guard a poorly designed lever that decided the fate of the siege on Luckybones’s City. These four adventurers then set out together to Sanction. En route they met Enchantress Janna, who entertained herself by summoning a few monsters for them to fight.

Later on they met her at a pub in Sanction, where she commissioned them to find The Pussy Anihilator. After recovering the magical talking staff from a bum, they recruited the local clergy to help defeat Janna, who was waiting for them at the pub. The party retrieved some magical items form Janna’s corpse, including a weapon the party named “The ”/campaigns/steve-s-2013-3-5-campaign/items/penisflail" class=“wiki-content-link”>Penisflail"

Janna went down quickly, the town celebrated, and the party moved on, back to Luckybones. On their way there, they met a large group of goblins who raided the caravan. 2 of the party members were slain right there. When they arrived at Luckybones’s again, a third travelling companion retired. So the lone barbarian, Shump, carrying The penisflail and The Pussy Annihilator traveled to Crystalmir City to meet wizard by the name of Fonkin. While he was there, he met some new travelling companions.

Ingamedate aug. 30 0 ST
Using Fonkin’s whale effigy, they descended to the depths of Crystalmir Lake and found an underwater cave connected to a fancy room, which contained a portal to a mysterious place, possibly another plane. In this mysterious place, they were confronted with the undead and effigies, including a couple of effigies which has some how attained sentience. Barry was one of these effigies, a former wizard/druid who had his soul put into an effigy as an experiment.

Barry, Fonkin, and Galinol worked together to create a smaller effigy that would be Barry’s new body. This new body transferred over from that strange place and now lives in Crystalmir. He is currently working with Fonkin to create an enormous effigy to act as a defender of the town.

Sept 3 0 ST
The party then went to a set of dwarven ruins at the edge of the frontierland. On their way, they detained a helpful goblin which they named Gobbo. When they got to their destination they realized that they had found a goblin stronghold. Fellow adventurers were also drawn to that place for some mysterious reason, but they seemed allied with the goblins and they attempted to slay the party.

On these adventurers, the party found some crystals which identified them as from another plane. They also obtained a map of the area, with a goblin stronghold marked as “Home”.

Sept 5 0 ST
The party returned to Crystalmir City to rest at their mansion.


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