Steve's 2013 3.5 campaign

Handing in Bounty and Moving On Up


After resting at the mansion and whatnot, the adventurers helped Lord Steve with a troublesome Hill Giant at the Lumber Mill. Pibbs unfortunately could not make this trip with S’Hast, Galinol, and Tristessa because she was busy paying homage to her golden puke bucket. Luckily Pibbs’ acquaintance was not terribly necessary because Galinol made friends with Giant instead of killing him, though the tiny favored soul wanted to kill the giant(and even the hill he sat on if the party let her.)

The following week, the group stayed in town spreading word about the mansion for sale. It was hard to find a buyer until Lord Steve realized what a boon the land and establishment would be for him and his men. Galinol also made an eagle effigy worth mentioning. Even though he may be too big to fit through portals. Spoilers.

Finally, there was a Giant Siege at “I: Gate to Home.” It turns out this goblin fortress with chief hut, bonfires, and fortified buildings leads to a dungeon, which then leads to a portal underneath its grounds. The adventurers rushed into the goblin area, stopped at a bonfire, got funny looks from some human adventurers in a nearby building, and rushes the chief hut when Lord Steve started throwing fire from the sky and sending his men in. It was rough, but the adventurers made it far enough to discover the displacer beast, hipogriff and other creatures in the dungeon of the hut. There, the group met another adventure, a satyr, and set him free when he agreed to tell them how to get through the portal to the Adventurer’s Guild. Though one Jana tried to beat them to the portal, the group blasted her to pieces and headed through the “Gate to Home.” Risky stuff.


Remember that time that that monk almost let me die 3 times and then joined our party like it was a good idea? Me too. It’s ok. We like him now. Water under the bridge as they say. Maryn’s a pretty cool bro. Pretty cool indeed.

Handing in Bounty and Moving On Up

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