Steve's 2013 3.5 campaign

The story so far

Ingame date aug 28th 0 ST
The campaign started in a goblin infested frontier land. A group of four adventurers got drafted to guard a poorly designed lever that decided the fate of the siege on Luckybones’s City. These four adventurers then set out together to Sanction. En route they met Enchantress Janna, who entertained herself by summoning a few monsters for them to fight.

Later on they met her at a pub in Sanction, where she commissioned them to find The Pussy Anihilator. After recovering the magical talking staff from a bum, they recruited the local clergy to help defeat Janna, who was waiting for them at the pub. The party retrieved some magical items form Janna’s corpse, including a weapon the party named “The ”/campaigns/steve-s-2013-3-5-campaign/items/penisflail" class=“wiki-content-link”>Penisflail"

Janna went down quickly, the town celebrated, and the party moved on, back to Luckybones. On their way there, they met a large group of goblins who raided the caravan. 2 of the party members were slain right there. When they arrived at Luckybones’s again, a third travelling companion retired. So the lone barbarian, Shump, carrying The penisflail and The Pussy Annihilator traveled to Crystalmir City to meet wizard by the name of Fonkin. While he was there, he met some new travelling companions.

Ingamedate aug. 30 0 ST
Using Fonkin’s whale effigy, they descended to the depths of Crystalmir Lake and found an underwater cave connected to a fancy room, which contained a portal to a mysterious place, possibly another plane. In this mysterious place, they were confronted with the undead and effigies, including a couple of effigies which has some how attained sentience. Barry was one of these effigies, a former wizard/druid who had his soul put into an effigy as an experiment.

Barry, Fonkin, and Galinol worked together to create a smaller effigy that would be Barry’s new body. This new body transferred over from that strange place and now lives in Crystalmir. He is currently working with Fonkin to create an enormous effigy to act as a defender of the town.

Sept 3 0 ST
The party then went to a set of dwarven ruins at the edge of the frontierland. On their way, they detained a helpful goblin which they named Gobbo. When they got to their destination they realized that they had found a goblin stronghold. Fellow adventurers were also drawn to that place for some mysterious reason, but they seemed allied with the goblins and they attempted to slay the party.

On these adventurers, the party found some crystals which identified them as from another plane. They also obtained a map of the area, with a goblin stronghold marked as “Home”.

Sept 5 0 ST
The party returned to Crystalmir City to rest at their mansion.


I updated to the point right before the lumber mill & siege

The story so far

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